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Tuckpointing Projects

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Why Choose Brickwork Restorations for Heritage Facade Tuckpointing Services?

Our workmanship and techniques for Tuckpointing and Repointing of the Heritage Brickwork Facades listed below was supervised and approved from the start to the finish by high profile Heritage Architectural companies and the National Trust / Heritage Victoria.

Our history shows we have the infrastructure, staff and experience to undertake Tuckpointing and Repointing projects from the small Californian bungalow fronts to the largest of commercial building Tuckpointing or Repointing restorations.

Where specifically required, the Tuckpointing and Repointing mortars we use are Sympathetic to the Tuckpointing and Repointing requirements of the Heritage era – LIME RICH MORTAR.

Queen Victoria Market - Tuckpointing and Repointing

Queen Victoria Market – Tuckpointing and Repointing the old reds, polychromite (yellows) and Hawthorns, replacing the yellow Quoin mortar and black Tuckpointing to the main entrance (cnr. Victoria and Elizabeth st) and all of the Heritage facades in Deli Lane.

Carlton Brewery - Tuckpointing

Carlton Brewery – Tuckpointing the Brewery Maltstore frontage, on the block bordered by Victoria, Bouverie, Swanston and Queensbury st Carlton. The facade shown fronts Swanston st. and our work is also shown on the North facade of that building – Full replacement of all of the red colored base mortar and black Tuckpointing.

Other notable projects

Dimmeys Richmond Store – Tuckpointing the Dimmeys store front on Swan st. Richmond – Full replacement of all of the red coloured base mortar and black Tuckpointing.

Myers Emporium – Tuckpointing the Myers original frontage on Lonsdale st City of Sydney – Matching in with the original coloured base mortar, with black and white Tuckpointing to suit the area as originally done.

Williamstown Town Hall – Tuckpointing the front facade.

Williamstown Masonic Lodge – Tuckpointing the front Facade.

Windsor and Prahran train stations – Cleaning of atmospheric grime from the brickface, replacing all mortar and white Tuckpointing.

While we have and continue to restore the Tuckpointing on hundreds of heritage home fronts around the whole of Victoria, many under the supervision of Heritage Victoria, the Tuckpointing and Repointing shown in these major projects is always on display with easy access for your inspection.

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